Launched back in 1988 as a litigation law firm, Kambourov & Partners has gradually developed into a one-stop legal shop for corporate and institutional clients, dispute resolution still retaining a key share of the firm’s capacity. For 25 years now we have come a long way, working alongside both local and multinational companies in their international operations and routine activity.

Privatization of state-owned companies in the late 90s acted as a major push in our firm’s development. Kambourov & Partners have been retained to represent either the Bulgarian state or prospective buyers of key state enterprises in virtually all sectors of the Bulgarian economy, most eloquent examples being the privatizations of the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company, Bulgartabac Holding, National Movie Center, Electricity distribution companies, National Cargo Railway Operator, Municipal Bank.  

In addition to that, since the early 90s the firm has actively participated in the development of the banking sector in Bulgaria, with both local and foreign major players being part of our client base.  As from the beginning of the subprime crisis and credit crunch the firm is involved in all major distressed debt and restructuring projects in Bulgaria.

Energy-related legal issues have also acquired a significant place in our practice, positioning us as a first tier law firm in this sector for the past decade. We pride ourselves on actually creating the Bulgarian case law in these matters.  A prominent presence within our history has also been assigned to the Real Estate sector. Throughout its highs and lows, we have been involved in the development of landmark properties, thus keeping a first-tier position in the Bulgarian Real estate market.

What we consider to be a distinct feature of our history is the longstanding reputation we have established as a particularly versatile law firm. With a diverse background of clients and cases, we have evolved as the perfect blend of litigation expertize and competence in legal counseling.