An ever present issue - lack of women at the top of the legal profession

Recently, the Law Society of England and Wales carried out a survey of leading lawyers that only came to show the continuing lack of women at the top of the legal profession. Regardless of the fact that a growing number of women enter the sector, very few of them are appointed partners and even fewer make it into the boardroom.
Law Society’s president Lucy Scott-Moncrieff considers this trend to not only be disappointing to talented women in law, but to also affect in a damaging way organizations.
The IBA organized a panel discussion on women and the law, where Helena Kennedy QC, barrister and human rights expert declared ‘We are still battling with the idea that the only way of showing that you’re […] an ‘alpha performer’, is to be putting in […] ridiculously long hours – and this is a problem for men as well”. Further information at http://www.ibanet.org/Article/Detail.aspx?ArticleUid=F6E9FB6F-0728-4EA4-907F-DF3CFCD3B876