Senior Associate Hristina Kirilova to participate in the development of EU Cross-Border Insolvency Court to Court Cooperation Guidelines

Senior Associate Hristina Kirilova - member of the firm's Banking, Insolvency and Litigation practices, has kindly been invited to participate in a Review & Advisory group for the development of "EU Cross-Border Insolvency Court-to-Court Cooperation Guidelines". The set of Guidelines is to be elaborated through a programme of study, research, discussion and pilot-training of judges. The project is funded by an EU Action Grant awarded to the Leiden Law School, in cooperation with Nottingham Law School.

Ms Kirilova, together with other notable experts from various jurisdictions, will join the Review & Advisory group that will generally act as a sounding board. The group is expected to provide certain contacts to both European and national representatives of the judiciary; to assist in identifying participants from all EU Member States to participate in a survey; to review recommendations or draft texts of guidelines. In addition, it will assist in providing input and recommendations to the development and delivery of training to judges; assist in identifying judges to participate in trainings, and be available for any post-training matters that arise.

The Guidelines (or the so-called JudgeCo-project) will be applied in cross-border communication within insolvency proceedings between EU member state courts. They will be elaborated so as to ensure the practical application of EU Insolvency Regulation and guarantee the organization and conduct of a fair legal process, with a fair representation of stakeholders concerned in insolvency processes.