Sports meet Technology

VAR is coming to Bulgarian football and we can`t wait for it. The Bulgarian Football Union has embarked on a process towards introducing the Video assistant referee (VAR) system in the national championship. The first steps were taken last week, when FIFA and IFAB experts visited Bulgaria for a special two-day seminar to discuss the opportunities and the necessary actions. Among the discussed aspects were the requirements for the training of referees, the choice and use of technology, the conditions to be met by the Bulgarian stadiums and the Bulgarian Football Union in order to obtain final approval for the use of VAR. This first encounter will be followed by the development of a plan setting out specific deadlines, allocation of functions and responsibilities. The development will be regularly coordinated and consulted with experts from international football institutions. The proposed goal is to use the system for the first time in the Playoff phase of the First Division in 2021.

Mario Arabistanov took part in the kick-off meeting and will be helping the Bulgarian Football Union with the introduction of all necessary changes into the Union’s regulations, required by the introduction of VAR.

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