Successful outcome in Alen Mak – Rubella competition dispute

Following a claim submitted by Alen Mak Bulgaria EAD against Rubella Beauty AD for violations of the Competition Protection Act, with Decision 1423 of 23 October 2013, the Bulgarian Commission for Protection of Competition has decided in favor of the claimant and has determined a sanction of approximately BGN 600 000 that are to be paid by Rubella Beauty AD.

Kambourov & Partners team, including senior associate Nikolay Vasilchev and associate Plamen Yotov, represents Alen Mak Bulgaria EAD - one of the largest Bulgarian cosmetics and perfume manufacturers in the unfair competition proceedings before the Commission for Protection of Competition. The dispute arose following the illicit sale on behalf of Rubella of various products bearing Alen Mak trademarks that are subject to intellectual property disputes. The matter is particularly complex since Alen Mak’s trademarks are subject to a few contentious matters stemming from the transfer of proprietorship and the interplay between national, international and EU systems of trademark registration.