The World Bank Group's Benchmarking Public Procurement 2017 in 180 economies is now available

The World Bank Group published its Benchmarking Public Procurement 2017 Report, which assesses the public procurement regulatory systems in 180 countries. Benchmarking Public Procurement was launched in 2013 and overviews the legal and regulatory environments across 180 economies, comparing their effect on the interaction between private operators and the government. According to researchers “the comparison of different forms of regulation and quantitative measurement of the impact of regulatory changes on procurement performance of public entities will help reduce the costs of reform and identify and disseminate best practices.”
The findings of the report are defined within two thematic pillars: the procurement process and the complaint review mechanisms, and shows that public procurement rules and practices need improvement in order to complement government efforts towards delivering better services to citizens.
KP's Nikolay Vasilchev and Elena Apostolova contributed to the Benchmarking Public Procurement Report with a review and analysis of the Bulgarian regulation in the sector. For the full Report please see: http://bpp.worldbank.org/~/media/WBG/BPP/Documents/Reports/Benchmarking-Public-Procurement-2017.pdf