Variable Capital Company: A Modern Spin on Bulgarian Corporate Structures

The form of the new company is particularly suitable for businesses that envisage raising capital through private investors, as well as rapid and dynamic growth.

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Тhe end of online piracy in Bulgaria. Or is it?

The new texts criminalise the behaviour of individuals creating conditions for online piracy, such as establishing and maintaining torrent tracker websites, web platforms, chat groups in online communication applications for the online exchange of pirated content, and any similar activities that facilitate unauthorised access to protected works.

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The latest in real estate: Preliminary contracts 'In Red'

In recent months, a concerning trend has been observedbecause of rising inflation and sharp changes in prices of construction materials, labor, fuel, and energy.

Construction companies have been unilaterally deciding to increase the agreed final prices of preliminary contracts for the purchase and construction of real estate (so-called "In Green" preliminary contracts) without having the right to do so. 

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Copyright vs. ChatGPT: Unravelling the Legal Dilemma

This article does not delve deeply into the legal nature and effects of artificial intelligence, as the topic has already been widely debated by legal scholars internationally. Nevertheless, this academic debate does not provide substantive answers to businesses that face the choice of whether to use AI services in their operations and in how this use is regulated by law.

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Online Gambling in Bulgaria (Part 2): Betting Software Development and Outsourcing

While there are large revenues in the organizer industry which directly serves Bulgarian customers, there is an even larger opportunity for companies wishing to outsource or establish their gambling software development services in Bulgaria.

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Online Gambling in Bulgaria (Part 1): Licensing for the Organisation of Gambling Games

EU's single market allows businesses to expand easily, but online gambling entities in the EU face restrictions on the freedom to provide services. Obtaining a gambling license in one member state doesn't guarantee recognition in others. Find out more about Bulgaria's online gambling regulatory framework which is one of the most open in the EU.

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Could ChatGPT replace tax advisers and lawyers?

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance, there's increasing speculation about whether AI models like ChatGPT could replace tax advisers and lawyers. 

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Stepping forward: New obligations under the Bulgarian Whistleblower Protection Act

The Whistleblower Protection Act transposes Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law and enters into force on 4 May 2023. It finds application in relation to the reporting and prevention of violations in many areas of business such as network and information security, consumer protection, privacy, money laundering, employment law matters, etc.

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Нови моменти при получаване на разрешение за пребиваване и работа тип „Синя карта на ЕС“

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