Data Protection Law Made Easy

Lawyers from 32 countries have created the Cloud Privacy Check (CPC), the largest European information platform explaining data protection laws in the simplest possible terms and free of charge. The CPC makes 32 different national regulations directly comparable and allows companies to save thousands of Euros.
A vastly simplified approach has now been presented by Dr Tobias Höllwarth (EuroCloud, Austria) together with Mitko Karushkov (Kambourov & Partners, Bulgaria) and more than 40 legal from all over Europe. The website cloudprivacycheck.eu hosts the Cloud Privacy Check (CPC), a visual-design infographic explaining the principles of data protection regulations in 26 languages, allowing information seekers to quickly determine key aspects. For more details and an interview with Mitko Karushkov, please check out: http://www.kambourov.biz/public/publications/EN_CPC_KP_press%20release%20(1)%20(1).pdf