Kambourov & Partners wraps up another successful year

With the end 2019 fast approaching, we have been looking back at the past months and weighing in on all the new opportunities and challenges we embraced together as a team. We would like to share with you a few of our key mandates that also happen to be the biggest projects in Bulgaria for 2019-2020:         

  • The acquisition of NOVA Broadcasting Group (EUR 185 m)       
  • The sale of the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company (BTC/VIVACOM) (EUR 1.2 bn)    
  • Sofia Airport's concession (EUR 3.9 bn)   
  • The construction of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline (over EUR 1 bn)  
  • The project for the construction of the Belene Nuclear Power Plant (EUR 10 bn)       
  • The project for the construction of the largest wind park in Bulgaria (300 MW)

We are very happy to share this information and extremely grateful to our clients and partners, who entrusted us with these large-scale, complex and exciting projects. Thank you for helping us grow, learn and get better every day!

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