Banking & Finance

KP covers finance, securities and banking law, with specific proficiency in syndicated facility arrangements, public and private bond placements, enforcement of security agent structures, public takeovers, regulation of banking and capital markets, financial collateral arrangements, enforcement of netting arrangements, custodian and escrow arrangements of financial instruments.

The team has solid expertise in representing local and international credit and financial institutions, investment and hedge funds, in a multitude of complex transactions, e.g. large syndicated financings, cross-border finance, transactions involving security interests in innovative types of security packages (including escrow of shares and financial instruments),

Working together with the Insolvency and Restructuring department, the practice is capable of analyzing and mitigating to a maximum practical extent collateral and insolvency risks, as well as identifying and analyzing legal, regulatory and tax issues, relevant to the client’s financing activities.

Furthermore, KP provides expert advice on compliance with strict Bulgarian legal requirements regarding credit and financial institutions and public companies. The firm acts as counsel on all issues related to foreign investments, cross-border finance, including but not limited to antimonopoly rules.