White Collar Crime

Investigations, Fraud & Asset Tracing

Based on the firm’s broad experience in all areas of commercial litigation, we also provide advice on white collar crime issues and legal services on regulatory investigations in general. The firm advises clients from a wide range of industries on the complex domestic and international regulatory requirements and supports businesses through the increasingly aggressive enforcement conditions.

We have experience in all key areas of business and financial services regulation and we help identify risks posed by government and regulatory investigations and prevent their negative consequences, as well as assist through criminal investigations into corporate activity, if needed.

Our practice covers: internal investigations, regulatory investigations and enforcement; forensic investigations (including evidence examination, interviews, database researches, “reputation checks”, data security); fraud investigation and analysis (including banking and bankruptcy fraud, complex commercial fraud, commodities, insurance, property, consumer, pension fund, occupational and securities fraud), asset tracing and recovery, anti-bribery and anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, insider trading, embezzlement, identity theft, forgery.