Financial Services & Institutions

The firm has an extensive track record of helping investment, retail and private banks, asset managers, private equity firms, capital markets participants, government bodies and financial institutions, insurers, trading and crowd funding platforms, e-money and e-payment providers, in the entire range of projects and transactions relevant to the finance sector. Our team guides clients through large-scale banking, financial and commercial transactions, while also supporting them in their day-to-day operations and business needs.

We cover financial services and financial products licensing and development, regulatory risk and compliance, M&As and other corporate transactions, cross-border syndicated financings, insurance portfolio transfers, capital markets, investment schemes, consumer credit, debt collection, enforcement, litigation.

As a dynamically developing sector, special focus is dedicated to the Fintech market, where we offer the perfect blend between broad financial services and regulation knowledge and substantial tech expertise. In addition to advising leading traditional financial institutions on the implications of the use of FinTech, we also assist IT and tech companies, start-ups and investors on the opportunities, requirements and risks of FinTech operations. The team covers cryptocurrencies, blockchain, Internet of Things, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, crowdfunding, payment services, licensing, IP, cybersecurity, data protection, investments and financings, M&As.