Real Estate, Construction & Engineering

The team has the expertise and resources to provide an integrated end-to-end service covering the entire project lifecycle – from procurement and negotiation, to transaction structuring and development strategies, to construction support, up to post-completion assistance and property management.

With a client base including commercial, industrial and private owners, construction companies, real estate developers, contractors, subcontractors, project sponsors, financiers, material and equipment suppliers, engineers and public bodies, our team is well experienced in meeting the local construction and engineering requirements, while always keeping in mind the long-term business goals of its clients.

We act on complex construction and engineering projects for commercial offices, shopping centres, international energy and infrastructure developments, hospitality and leisure buildings, where we cover construction procurement, land acquisition, due diligence reviews, drafting and negotiation of building contracts, consultancy agreements, PFI/PPP work, finance, zoning and land use, environmental compliance. Furthermore, the team handles employment relations, tax aspects, insurance, supply contracts, licensing, up to alternative and traditional dispute resolution.