KP incorporates a new line of business - Tax, Customs & Excise (TCE)

Kambourov and Partners

We are pleased to announce the recent incorporation of our new line of business - Kambourov & Partners - Tax, Customs & Excise (TCE), aimed at providing fully integrated tax services with a focus on indirect tax compliance and representation. The new division provides comprehensive consultancy on tax, customs and excise compliance, bookkeeping services and management reporting, as well as tax assistance on the implementation of business processes, tax coding of ERP systems, due diligence and customs classification.

Kambourov & Partners - Tax, Customs & Excise (TCE) also helps clients in contentious matters including on tax rulings, negotiations with the tax and customs authorities, tax control procedures, appeals.

The new business line will be led by Dennitsa Dimitrova - a highly experienced professional, with over 13 years of practice in the area of international taxation.

Learn more about Dennitsa here and follow our new division on LinkedIn.