Medical cannabis in Bulgaria

In the last few months, national media has been increasingly discussing the topic of cannabis cultivation for medical purposes in Bulgaria. One of the reasons for the growing interest is that reportedly, certain companies have already obtained a license for the cultivation and processing of cannabis for medical use in Bulgaria.    

Cultivation and use of cannabis for medical purposes are currently not regulated at EU level. Member states are granted autonomy to decide whether and under what conditions cultivation of medical marijuana can be allowed. In this context, EU members vary significantly in their approach. Some only authorize the registration of medications containing cannabis-extracted substances, while others also consent to the cultivation and processing of cannabis for medicinal purposes.    

However, actions are being taken towards a unified European position on the matter as the European Parliament adopted Resolution of 13 February 2019 on use of cannabis for medicinal purposes (2018/2775(RSP)). It calls on the Commission and national authorities to work together towards a legal definition of medical cannabis and a clear distinction between cannabis for medicinal purposes and for any other use. MPs insist on increased financing of medical research of cannabis, as well as on cannabis-based medicines being covered by public healthcare.   

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