Delos Guide to Arbitration Places (GAP): Bulgaria

A jurisdiction with a strong tradition in commercial arbitration, Bulgaria was among the first to implement the 1985 Model Law. Although it has not implemented the 2006 revision of the Model Law, the Bulgarian legisl...

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Lexology: Arbitration in Bulgaria

What legislation applies to arbitration in your jurisdiction? Both international and domestic arbitration is regulated by the International Commercial Arbitration Act. The Private International Law Code and the N...

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IBA Arbitration Committee Publications: Separability misplaced – a Bulgarian perspective

IBA's Arbitration Committee focuses on laws, practice, and procedures relating to the arbitration of transnational disputes. It publishes a variety of interesting articles and other content of

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EU Parliament Elections in Bulgaria– Intellectual Property in the spotlight

The election campaign for MEPs put an emphasis on an interesting topic that otherwise rarely finds such a central spot in the public...

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EU endorses new foreign investment screening mechanism

EU member states have been increasingly focusing on the development of mechanisms for the investigation and assessment of foreign investments to the purpose of preventing foreign influence on…

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Recent developments in Bulgarian case law and judicial practice

Yavor Kambourov contributed to the April issue of Insolvency and Restructuring International with an article on the recent developments in the Bulgarian case law and judicial…

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Medical cannabis in Bulgaria

In the last few months, national media has been increasingly discussing the topic of cannabis cultivation for medical purposes in Bulgaria. One of the reasons for the growing interest is that reportedly, certain…

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