Delos Guide to Arbitration Places (GAP): Bulgaria

Delos is an independent arbitration institution that provides an innovative approach to commercial dispute resolution. Its comprehensive, comparative study - GAP focuses on arbitration places around the globe: developed as a user-friendly guide providing in-house counsel, corporate lawyers, and arbitration practitioners with practical and effective insight into selecting arbitral seats and conducting arbitral proceedings.

A jurisdiction with a strong tradition in commercial arbitration, Bulgaria was among the first to implement the 1985 Model Law. Although it has not implemented the 2006 revision of the Model Law, the Bulgarian legislator consistently develops the local environment in a pro-arbitration direction. The recent demonstration of such development is the 2017 reform which reduced the grounds for annulment of awards and partially decentralised jurisdiction among regional courts. Easy access to ex parte pre-arbitration interim measures issued by local courts, respect by local judges of the competence-competence doctrine, readily granted assistance by state courts in support of arbitration and a large set of remedies (including interest) available to arbitral tribunals make Bulgaria an appropriate venue for resolution by arbitration of a large variety of disputes.

Read Emil Emanuilov's full contribution to the Delos Guide to Arbitration Places (GAP) by downloading the file below...

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