Remote use of corporate infrastructure   

The state of emergency, declared last week by the Bulgarian Parliament, as part of the global effort to halt the spread of COVID-19, and the subsequent Order by the Bulgarian Minister of Health (Order № РД-01-124), created various consequences for private businesses. Among them is the recommendation to assure home-based work, wherever possible.

To help employers navigate the process, here are some important aspects in terms of the remote use of corporate IT infrastructure: 

      ► Companies shall ensure operational capacity in terms of preventing and coping with potential unauthorised access to the corporate servers, networks and other information storage devices.                 

      ► The IT infrastructure of the companies shall be equipped with sufficient software protection, which aims to prevent security breaches, encrypted connectivity when the employees are using cloud infrastructure and communication channels, which are protected from potential unlawful interception.      

      ► Employees should be made aware of the existing IT related corporate policies, which are currently in place. Such policies may include prohibition for installation of software, prohibition for visiting certain types of websites or other actions which may be dangerous for the functioning of the corporate IT infrastructure.        

      ► In case no IT related policies have been adopted, companies shall initiate steps toward implementation of such policies/procedures and communicating them to the employees, who work remotely, in case electronic communication channels have been adopted in the employment agreements.

      ► To provide the employees with a brief practical instruction on the rules for remote use of the corporate IT infrastructure and outline the existence of the applicable IT policies [if any]      

        Check the full text of the recommendations on Capital newspaper's website.

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